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You are looking for drum lessons in pop/rock/metal with a lot of music and fun?

You want to start playing drums as a new hobby or in a band?

You are a beginner or advanced drummer hungry for more?

You live in Uster or close by (surroundings of Zürcher Oberland/Zurich)?

Or do you want to take online lessons because Uster/Switzerland is too far away?

You're in the right place!

I am a professional drummer active in various bands and a private drum teacher since 2016. I have taught drums in many music schools in Zurich and Aargau for over 100 different kids and led djembé classes as well. I graduated with a Masters Degree in music pedagogy at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) in 2019. 

I specialize in various music styles such as rock, pop, funk and metal/progressive metal drumming and have private/online drum lessons to offer.

Read more infos about my drum lessons below!

"Get ready and let's play drums!"


For beginners and advanced students,

kids (7+) and adults are welcome!


Private lessons of 30/45/60 minutes available as a single session or packages of 10 or 20 sessions.


Centrally located rehearsing room in Uster ZH. 10 minutes by foot from the train station. Or online via distance calls/video lessons.


Starting from 60 CHF per lesson. I will send you the exact price list and further details once we get in touch. Discounts on packages of 10 and 20 lessons and kids discounts available.

Not sure yet? Just shoot me an e-mail to book a special price first 30 min trial lesson for 20 CHF and let's play drums!

​What can I show you?

  • Learn the basics of pop/rock drumming (beats, fills and technique)

  • Play to your favourite songs or study famous beats and fills from the history of rock music! From ACDC, Linkin Park to Metallica or would you rather choose Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber? Everything is possible!

  • Learn what it means to be the drummer in a band and your responsibilities for taking care of the beat. Master groove, time, sound, form understanding and musicality to bring the best musician out of you and improve the sound of your band.

  • Learn how to play to a metronome and how to correctly tune your drumset so you can deal with the challenges of drum recordings in the studio and bringing out the best drum sound possible.

  • Get creative and find out how you can compose beats to original music from your band or how you can use improvisation musically in live situations.

  • or do you dare the challenge of metal drumming? Learn the basics of double bass drum beats, virtuosic metal fills or dive into the world of progressive metal. Odd time signatures, wild drum fills, beat concepts with the aid of songs from Dream Theater, Periphery and many more.

No matter what you desire, I will give you the knowledge, inspiration and the needed impulse, so you can become a better drummer.

Can't wait to get to know you!

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